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Trudi Ochiltree Winter Snowdrops (2).jpg

I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of Britain in the South West. Here, there is an endless supply of inspiration, from the rolling hills, winding lanes and peaceful woodland to the glittering sea, billowing skies and ancient Jurrasic coast. The ever-changing moods and colours, with the reassuring repetition of the seasons, allow me to explore my creativity and my connection with nature.

I start by drawing, painting, writing poems and photographing, before going back to my studio to explore mark and colour. I let this artistic play take my inspiration into its own direction to create my paintings.

I paint with a range of mediums as each has its own individuality. I love the speed and looseness of watercolour and the depth and detail I can achieve with oils. Vibrant colour is often the first thing people notice about my paintings. I am fascinated by light and atmosphere, and this is a recurring theme in my work.

I am a wild swimmer and have been working on a new series of work based on this, not only as a celebration of this popular past time and the sense of freedom it creates, but to highlight the importance of protecting our rivers and seas from pollution.

I want to share my love of the natural world with my audience by creating my impression of a sacred moment in time I have witnessed and experienced. I also want to highlight the importance of respecting and preserving our planet, which is under huge environmental threat.

I have created art all of my life as it’s something I have a need to do. Creativity gives me joy and enhances my experiences of the everyday.



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